Episode 1 - Introductions

October 18, 2018

In this inaugural show, we introduce ourselves!


Meet Rev. Jonathan Meraz, our shepherd, who helps us wrestle with the big questions and James Hoeft, the host, who is just as confused as anyone else.


We also get right to it: How does God play a role in our lives?

501 Years & Counting - God’s Grace Continues

November 1, 2018

We look back at 501 years of reform with Pastor Jonathan Meraz as he helps us consider whether Martin Luther was an academic with a conscience or a rebellious priest. This week marks 501 years since Luther requested a discussion on 95 considerations, but the debate continues. What motivated Luther? Who was he? What was the context of his environment? 

In this wide-ranging discussion, we look at judgment, science, social media, and more!

On Elections and Thanksgiving

November 15, 2018

Every November in Virginia, two major events happen -- an election and Thanksgiving. However, they are both, as is everything, directly linked to God. In this episode: the meaning of the fourth commandment, Christian advocacy on issues, such as abortion, and being thankful.

Endings and Beginnings - It’s Advent!

November 29, 2018

"End Times" popular media preys on human fears, but there is no fear when you have Jesus. We connect the end of the church year with new beginnings. And look at how we should be "spending" our Advent.

Pope on Lord’s Prayer, ELCA gives Colorado pastor too much leeway, Christmas and Epiphany

December 13, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Meraz helps us make sense of the role of the church, particularly with the Roman Catholic pope's thoughts on the Lord's Prayer and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's permissiveness to an ordained pastor in Colorado. We also discuss the 12 days of Christmas and Epiphany!


January 11, 2019

So, what does it mean to have an "epiphany"? What is it in the context of the church year? What about all these elected officials who are sworn in every January? Is there an "Intersection of Church and State"? What about belonging to a church community? Is the new year a good time for resolutions? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Meraz and his thoughts on these topics in Episode 6 of the TLC Show!

Sacred Music Appreciation 101

February 7, 2019

Have you ever wondered why we have music in church and its importance? Rev. Jonathan Meraz and Director of Music Stephen Pruitt explore music and the church.

Rev. Marcus Zill, LCMSU, and Campus Ministry at Old Dominion University

February 21, 2019

Trinity is starting up campus ministry at ODU and here to help explain it is the director of LCMS Campus Ministry, Rev. Marcus Zill! Pastor Zill also hosts the radio show, "The Student Union."

Should you fast during Lent?

March 7, 2019

A look at Lenten traditions from a Lutheran perspective, including the imposition of ashes and fasting.